Top benefits of social media marketing for your business

There are numerous benefits in social media for your business. However, it seems overwhelming for organizations, simply because they do not know which work which not. As per the source, 50% of organizations are not aware of the benefits and 25% of organizations mostly small businesses do not even try.

The data clearly shows that there is a gap between organizations that are enjoying the social media benefits and the other chunk who are still struggling.

We have handpicked the top benefits of social media that you can use for your business. But again you need to do a proper strategy to take full advantage of social media. Honestly saying, if you are not leveraging social media, you will miss 60 to 70% of your target audience and that is alarming.

Top Benefits of social media for your business

Brand awareness

With over half of the world population engage on social media, it makes sense to promote your brand on social platforms. It not only empowers your business but naturally puts your brand to highly targeted audience. Since social platforms are real-time and two-way communication, you can improve your brand loyalty, recognition and organic visibility.

Increase website traffic

Great content yields meaningful visitors. Create audience-friendly content, publish on your blog, and then share on social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since videos are more engaged, you can share videos on social media as well. Do not be too commercial; just share knowledge-driven content on regular basis. Make sure you add website URL on each post you share.

Generate leads

Have you included social media for your lead generation strategy? If not do it today. More than 60% of marketers said that they have got good impact on their business and were able to convert leads with less investment. Since social media is interest based, you can easily crack leads. As we know social commerce on the rise, it is very much imperative to invest on social media for lead generations.

Boost sales

Whatever you sell, social media can help you sell more. Because of its flexibility, you can take advantage of social media and boost your sale. Besides SEO and PPC, you can also amplify your sales with social media strategies. You can include some of the strategies like audience demographic, retarget, influencer marketing, brand advocacy, and social media ads. Facebook is one the best platforms where you can boost your sale. You can also try Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Customer engagement

Be engaged to engage your customer. To get the optimum benefit from your audience is to share content regularly, respond to customers’ queries, and comment. In this way, you can keep your customer engaged and increase sales.

Social influencer

Want a big leap in your business? Do you still believe in word of mouth? Social influencers make that happen. 50 to 60% of consumers buy through a Social influencer recommendation. What happens, when a social influencer with 1 million followers talks about your product? Data reveals that your brand value grows up to 4 folds.


Your ball in their court. You know what I mean. Your customers already know you. Even they buy from you. Being a responsible marketer, your job is to respond to customers’ queries. Whenever you get negative feedback, handle them politely and in a professional way.


Another key benefit of social media is retargeting your customers and brings business. Consumers come to your website, even choose your product, but due to some reasons, they exit in the middle of the process. Now with a tracking mechanism, you can retarget them and hopefully you crack some sales. Facebook has a tool called Facebook Pixel, which helps in retargeting your audience. In addition, other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter use retarget mechanism.

Spy your competitors

Your competitors’ pain points could bring business for you. Meaning that, when your competitors make mistake, you pick that as a case study, work on that, and win. That is why it is essential to know about your competitor’s activities. By leveraging social media analytical tools you can unlock competitors’ strategies and achieve better ROI.

Audience insight

Online business never works on speculation but on data. If you ask us what is the greatest benefit of social media that is nothing but audience insight. No more guess no more confusion. With audience analysis, you will get to know about marketing persona, granular audience view, ad campaign analysis, and influencer trust etc.

So here are our top benefits of social media, which you can leverage.

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