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Belvenus, as a ROI-driven SEO agency for startups, always focus on your business growth. With our SEO Services for startups, you always stay ahead of your competitors and perform better on SERPs by getting visibility, awareness, traffic, leads & sales.


Results-Driven SEO Services for startups in Bangalore, India

In the first place, Congratulations! You took the most critical and most challenging step towards setting up a startup. With high competition prevailing among businesses, we know it is difficult for startups to bring their business into the limelight. Building a unique website and SEO services for startups in Bangalore gives you the maximum exposure you require for your business.

Feeling at sea, where and how to start with your startup marketing? Fret not. We are an SEO Agency for Startups, which is fully dedicated to startups; having said that, our SEO team builds foolproof SEO strategy for startups that is effective and long-lasting.

We here at Belvenus help your startup build a solid base for a successful online business with the help of our SEO services. Our SEO services for startups are result-oriented and flexible to all companies. We implement the best SEO strategies to help your startup burst onto the scene with a bang. As the best SEO agency for startups in Bangalore, we follow SEO techniques that gather traffic and engagement quickly.

What is SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making a website more visible to the search engines and appears on the search engine results page for the relevant search terms. SEO should be a part of your marketing strategy if you have a website and want to drive meaningful traffic to your website. SEO brings more opportunities to convert your prospects into customers by ranking your website higher in search engines. In addition to that, SEO also helps build brand awareness and position yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy expert in your field.

why seo for startups & Why Invest in SEO?

Being a startup, you need to make your business visible online to your target customers. Indeed, that can happen only with the help of SEO. Unless your target audience knows about you, they will not be looking out for your brand. For this reason, SEO can’t be a second thought for startups. A startup that includes SEO while drafting its business plan will probably achieve better results.

SEO is a productive investment and a powerful tool for any startup. It doesn’t matter if you are in the app development or a textile business; SEO lets you connect with your prospects more than ever.


The importance of SEO lies in the fact that people use search engines every day to discover new products, services, local businesses, and information. SEO ensures that search engines like Google/Bing easily find your website through an organic and regular search.


Consumers put their trust in search engines and their results. When your website appears on the first page of the search engine results page, it makes your business more reliable and trustworthy in their eyes. SEO is a tool that helps startups appears on the first page of the search engine and into the minds of target customers.


SEO brings you lots of opportunities for building a better business and a bigger brand. Not only will you improve your business, but you’ll also make it shine. Your business can reach heights when people learn about your brand because of the innovative search engine optimization process.


An effective SEO strategy relies on three pillars – trust, relevance, and authority. Authority doesn’t come easy. You need to offer relevant information, gain confidence and credibility, have a clean and easy-to-use website. The higher authority your site has, the better prospects you get, and the higher your ranking will be.


Another prime advantage of SEO is that it pushes you towards creating a better user experience. There are many ways to improve your user experience, for instance, speed loading of the page and easy navigation. A better user experience brings in more clicks, more leads, better brand exposure, and higher conversion rates.


Boosting web traffic is one of the primary goals of SEO. When your website ranks on search engines, you receive more traffic.  In other words, traffic is directly related to ranking. The higher you rank on search engines, the more traffic you get for your business.


Amid the high competition in online businesses, it is tough to grab the attention of the customers. SEO is possibly the most efficient marketing strategy to engage your audience and guarantee you high conversion rates. Until you maintain a higher rank on the search engine, there is a great possibility to get more conversions for your business.


Just as how much time, effort, and budget it took you to reach those top ranks, moving down the list takes time. Unless your competitor follows a better SEO strategy than you or Google changes its algorithm, your business cannot be pulled down the search engine.


An investment in SEO is an investment in your business’s growth. If you have a healthy budget and an ongoing SEO process, it brings a great ROI. As already stated, SEO is a long-term strategy, and the ROI will be minimal in the first few months. However, you can enjoy the benefits of SEO in the long run.


Being a startup, it is pretty challenging for you to stand out from other companies. SEO levels the playing field and allows your startup to compete with more prominent companies of all sizes. Having an effective SEO strategy can help your business stay competitive in the long run.

What are the results startups will get after implementing SEO

  • The better your website ranks, the extra traffic you will receive. You can see your traffic growing by 20 to 25% in just 3 to 4 months.
  • Many companies are competing for your keywords. You can get the upper hand in the competition with your keyword ranking higher in a short time.
  • SEO can help lower your site’s bounce rate, which can improve your search engine rankings.
  • SEO helps boost your organic CTR, which is again an excellent way to improving your search rank.
  • Using Local SEO is critical to reaching the potential customers in your area, bringing them to your web page, and turning them into customers.
  • SEO brings organic traffic to your site resulting in increased brand awareness, sales, and higher ROI.
  • SEO gives your site more authority. The more authority, the more audience you get, and the higher your ranking will be.

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Data-driven SEO for startups

When it comes to SEO, data means everything. We at BELVENUS use a data-driven approach to increase your chances of success. By data-driven approach, we use data as a primary component when developing an SEO strategy. Our data-driven SEO approach helps develop an accurate understanding of your target customers and approach them appropriately. We accumulate data over time that can help us to be more flexible for communicating with our clients. By accurately using the data, we investigate, interpret, and implement the SEO plans successfully. In addition to this, keyword selection, content creation, and other marketing strategies can be wonderfully made with the help of our data-driven SEO.

Startup SEO services for industry

We believe that each industry is different and has different factors influencing the rankings. Our SEO campaigns start with in-depth industry analysis. We analyze each industry and every single competitor separately to determine which factors are critically important and influence the rankings in your industry. Most SEO companies take a “one industry fits all” mentality, not us, making us the most reputed SEO Company for startups. Our Startup SEO services offer more than 15 categories. For each category, our Startup SEO services will have a unique strategy with a solid SEO roadmap.


Want to get your homes sold quicker? At Belvenus, we offer real estate SEO services for a startup at an affordable cost. Our SEO experts choose keywords relevant to your sale properties, thus getting your site in front of your prospective buyers.


Need a travel SEO Company that increases bookings? You’ve come to the right place. With the rapidly growing number of online hotel and holiday bookings, we help your travel startup to rank at the top of the search results (SERP) to compete.


Do you want to promote your school, college, university, or study material online? Belvenus is here to bring in more exposure, more applicants, and above all, more business to your institute. Our education SEO services are perfect for the admission season.


Do you own an eCommerce website? We are an SEO agency that specializes in eCommerce SEO for startups. Belvenus will help you boost your business with the highest sales and get desired search results in the shortest turnaround time.


Attract potential patients to your website with the help of our SEO services for health and wellness startups. SEO for health and wellness requires expert-level knowledge, and we’ve got that. We offer comprehensive SEO plans to help you gain visibility for your medical practice across the web.


At Belvenus, we know how important is SEO for financial firms. Regardless of the state of the economy, people always look out for advice and help with their money. And our financial SEO services can help you appear in front of such potential customers.


SEO for technology companies is crucial because, in the IT niche, you’re competing against many companies with a robust online presence. We understand that, and we go above and beyond best SEO practices to get you the best results. We have the hunch for Tech startups, including SaaS and other cloud-based companies, and SEO for Tech startups has a different set of challenges. Our SEO for Tech startups will bring betterment to your online business organically.


With the increasing number of online dating platforms, it has become essential to have an SEO strategy for your dating website. Do you own a dating website and want to appear on the first page of SERPs? Contact Belvenus for dating SEO services.


Cell phones play an imperative role in our lives. As such, cell phone businesses demand SEO services to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Belvenus is one of the premier Cell Phone SEO service companies offering SEO services at pocket-friendly prices.


Do you own fashion business and looking for ways to promote it online? Belvenus provides you with the best Fashion SEO services for startups. We help you set yourself apart and ensure your online success with more leads and conversions.


Whether you own a sports website looking to stay on top of the niche or a sports company, our team can help optimize your website for SEO. Our sports SEO services can meet your requirements and widely varying marketing goals with ease.


Choosing the right Pet SEO service agency can make or break your business. If you’re looking for SEO services for your pet store, then you’re at the right place. We are experts at bringing your pet store online in front of potential customers and help you grow your pet selling business.


New lifestyle sites are cropping up every day, making it more crowded. To cut through this crowd and stand out, you need to have a proper Lifestyle SEO strategy. Belvenus offers lifestyle SEO services for startups to increase online brand awareness and boost sales.






No two clients are alike, and SEO can be done for different purposes at different levels; for this reason, we work hard to customize our SEO process to your specific business needs. Our SEO process starts with fundamental analysis to see where you are at present, and we then show you how our SEO can benefit your business.

Data-driven SEO for startups

When it comes to SEO data means everything. We at BELVENUS, use data-driven approach to increase your chances of success. By data-driven approach we mean that we use data as a primary component when developing an SEO strategy. Our data-driven SEO approach helps develop a real understanding of your target customers and approach them appropriately. We accumulate data over time that can help us to be more flexible for communicating with our clients. By accurately using the data, we investigate, interpret, and implement the SEO plans successfully. In addition to this, keyword selection, content creation, as well as other marketing strategies, can be wonderfully done with the help of our data-driven SEO.

Why hire Belvenus for startup SEO service in Bangalore (H2)

Do you want long-term business expansion in your startup venture? If yes, then hire Belvenus for startup SEO service in Bangalore. We assure result-oriented and data-driven organic SEO services for startups at affordable rates with a guaranteed result. Achieving small milestones in 2021 has given us a bigger goal for 2022, i.e., to be the #1 SEO Service Providers for Startups.

Top reasons to hire us

  • Higher ROI
  • 100% Transparency
  • Long-term results
  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Sustained Visibility for your website
  • No Contracts
  • Seamless Customer Support
  • Innovative and Passionate
  • Legitimate Methods
  • Cost Efficient

Avail our Special SEO Package for startups at an affordable price

If you are starting your company, you don’t need to get one of those exorbitant SEO plans available. Instead, please choose one of our special SEO packages for the startup. We offer SEO startup packages that meet all your requirements as well as fit within your budget.

We pride ourselves as the best affordable SEO Company offering high standards and quality SEO services. Our affordable SEO packages are the best in the industry and deliver guaranteed results. We use all the latest tools and techniques to give better results. Our main intention is to lend a helping hand to startups that need immediate help and rescue them from adverse situations through our affordable SEO services.


Like regular SEO, startup SEO helps your business grow online, which you can achieve by implementing sustainable SEO strategies. Since Startup has typical challenges, we create personalized SEO strategies across all industries such as real estate, travel, education, eCommerce, digital products, healthcare, lifestyle, to name a few.

The whole point is to get healthy traffic and conversion, and you can achieve business conversion by showing top results in search engines. We have noticed that 70 percent of startups fail in online business because they never try SEO, and this is why SEO for a startup business is highly recommended.

Being one of the leading SEO firms in India, our Startup SEO services include complete website audit, in-depth keyword research, technical SEO, content development, website promotion, and reporting. SEO for a Startup business is advisable to get noticed in search engines.

Compared to regular SEO, Startup SEO is way different. Technically it is all the same, but in terms of content promotion, you face significant challenges. What Google expects from Startup is easy accessibility to the website and quality content and optimization. Our SEO for Startups services include SEO roadmap, content calendar, content promotion strategy, quality link building. And finally, this fetches traffic and customer engagement.

To accomplish SEO for tech Startups successfully, we follow a set of rules. Tech startups need more branding and organic traffic. Because this is how you gain brand awareness. First, we develop an SEO funnel depending on your target audience. This SEO funnel includes brands awareness, informational content, guest posting, press release, product review, and other content marketing activities. We also do a thorough website audit, including keywords searching, site structure, on-page optimization, and link building.

Before we do SEO for Saas Startups, we do industry understanding that includes statistics, trends, B2B market, and the audience engagement metrics.  Once we have data on the above points, we develop a SaaS SEO framework that includes audience engagement metrics, content strategy, and link building driven by semantic SEO. We also check in-depth technical SEO, website architecture, and content writing.

Our SEO Services for startups are budget-friendly, and we pay an equal amount of dedication to startups.

Yes, you can see the result in a few months. Our SEO experts will support you set up your Google analytic and Webmaster (Google Search Console) accounts so that you see keyword rank, visitor, clicks, and conversions as well.

We are a full-stack Digital Marketing Agency and have a special bundle for startups. Our offers for startups include website development, landing page, Google PPC, Facebook paid marketing, content writing, lead generations, and online reputation management.

If you are planning to hire SEO Agency for startups, we stand second to none. We have highly experienced full-time team members, which have already helped many startups in various industries. We are open-minded, transparent, and result-driven. Thus, it makes us stand out from the rest of our competitors.

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