Top SEO techniques that every business should implement

Undisputedly SEO is the back bone of website, as it brings organic traffic, ranking, and business for you. And it’s all for free, which is why organizations are frantically putting effort to grab that traffic pie. However it does not come that easily. To achieve a healthy SEO result, you need to create quality content and then leverage technical SEO.

Since SEO techniques are being upgraded frequently, businesses need to understand the nitty-gritty of SEO techniques, and then implement them in a dexterous manner.

Today, I am going to talk about latest SEO techniques that will certainly improve your organic traffic.

Long tail keywords: These keywords are of 3 to 4 words, which are less competitive hence easy to rank. Another benefit is these keywords are more specific for a particular audience. To find long tail keyword, you can use Google, Reddit, Answer the public, Quora, eHow and Wikipedia. To find your competitors keyword, you can use Aherfs. Get all your long tail keywords, write unique content and promote.

Keyword golden ratio (KGR): Do you want to rank your keyword in 48 hours? KGR is a nice technique where you find a little content on the Internet and with less competition. Find those keywords whose KGR value is less than 0.25.

KGR Formula = No. of allintitle result / search volume 

Using this formula you can get KGR keywords. Write unique content so that people can spend more time on your web page. Since there is hardly any competition, you can rank your keyword in 48 hours.

LSI keyword: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword is similar keyword or sub topic of our main keyword. Using LSI graph tool, you can discover many sub topics that you can use for your main keyword. You can create a long topic using these LSI keywords. This kind of content greatly helps in ranking as Google can fully understand about your topic. 

Your brand keyword: Needless to say, how branding is important for your business. Once your brand gets recognition and popularity, people start searching your brand. Start creating blog, article, and videos about your brand. Since it is your own brand, you will always get top rank. Brands like Yatra, Makemytrip, Swiggy, Zomato, Oyo, and Ola are getting million of visitors.

Republish old content: Do not ignore your old posts. They are equally important for SEO. Update your old post with fresh data including top list, best figures. Example: Bets players of the year 2020, Top 100 Bollywood songs of 2020. This is one of skyscraper techniques to get visitors. Keep adding data year after year.

Featured snippet: Featured snippet is also known as zero SEO that appears on top of the Google’s organic search results. If you would to like see your page on Featured snippet, you need to write well-structured content. Add attention grabbing headline, TOC, bullet point, list and table in your content. Also provide Q&A, statistics, and useful data so that reader can get all information and take action.

Rich snippet: It is a structured data that appears beneath Title and Meta description. For example, if you search for a flight Bangalore to Chennai, not only you see the regular result, but also additional information such as Flight name, book now, social offer, even flight timings. This SEO technique increases CTR and satisfies the visitors’ intent.

Small story on YouTube description: Would to like to rank your YouTube video. A simple technique that would drive traffic and rank your video. Write a small story about your topic in description. Maybe 300 to 400 words along with hash tag. 

Outbound link: Outbound link provides you authority and ranking as well. Meaning that write 3 to 4 quality content and publish in high DA (domain authority sites) such as news agency, .edu, .gov, forum, etc. Make sure your content is relevant, industry specific, and niche based.

Google question hub: This is the killer one. Do you want Google to provide you  1,00,000 visitors to your website? Yes, now Google only recommends you to write topics that visitors are looking for. Join Google question hub, choose your niche or category. You will find hundreds of questions that need answer. You write answer even small topic and link back to your website. You see how your website getting thousand of visitors month after month. Do it every month, so that you can get lakhs of visitors.

Hope this post will certainly help your website to increase traffic.

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