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WooCommerce Website Development Company in Bangalore

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce Website Development Company? Then you have come to the right place!

Belvenus, being a reputed WooCommerce Development Company in Bangalore, can create any kind of interactive online store using WooCommerce technology. Our Woocommerce team is specialized in developing Woocommerce websites as per your requirements.

Our WooCommerce Website Development Services are from custom online stores to migration. If you are looking for customized woocommerce development or even facing difficulty in woocommerce migration/upgrade, our qualified experts can deal with all your queries with ease.

Now, you can avail our WooCommerce Development Services in Bangalore, that are affordable, reliable, and result-driven. We are a strategic WooCommerce development Company that always focuses on client’s growth.

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Why Businesess should Consider
WooCommerce as their E-commerce Platform

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform for any business. Unlike other orthodox e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce is agile and full of opportunities.

Thanks to the technology, WooCommerce offers responsive design (mobile friendly), solid security, SEO interfaces, and advanced WooCommerce features to make retailer’s work stress-free.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform.


WooCommerce is exceptionally flexible and can easily accommodate all kinds of products. You can sell physical, digital, and affiliate products to your customer. With an easy built-in payment processing and shipping options rates, you can win more customers. To be a global seller, WooCommerce offers great geo-location support and tax options. Additionally, this platform is available in 24 vernacular languages with region-specific payment gateways.

Also, you can import and export products from your dashboard. You can always use the import and export option for bulk product upload, image upload, cached memory removal, and global changes.

When it comes to an extensive inventory, many companies consider WooCommerce development cost as a significant factor. Compared to other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is the most affordable platform to build your store. Because of its robust, scalable options, you can list up to 1 lakh products and handle thousands of transactions in minutes. Now the sky is the limit with the WooCommerce platform.

To enhance your sales, WooCommerce has powerful extensions. Some of them are:

  • PayPal, Stripe (140 region-specific gateways)
  • Mailchimp
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • TaxJar
  • And more


Getting orders, delivering them, and updating the customer demand a robust system. To make that happen, WooCommerce has a bunch of features that handles order management processes easily.

Customers can quickly sign up and get their user id and password. With a one-click refund, customers can go for a refund. As a seller, you can manage inventory and orders from your dashboard. To retain your customer, you can blast email campaigns with offers and deals by leveraging beautiful email templates. Additionally, you can give access to your team to manage orders through the shop manager.


To sell more, your site needs to be visible in search engines. WooCommerce has unbeatable SEO features, where you can optimize your product category, pages, and even individual product. You can achieve more sales by offering coupons to your customers.

For better engagement, you can showcase related products and essential products on your product page. To view sales, refunds, and coupons, you can check reports from your dashboard.


Despite using a third-party tool, you can still own your data independently without any intervention. And the best part is WooCommerce is compliant to GDPR policy especially for the European market. So, your data protection is rest assured.

Powerful statistics about WooCommerce

Over 4,414,537 websites around the world are built on WooCommerce platform

  • WooCommerce controls 34% of ecommerce market share in 2021.
  • WooCommerce will have 50% of E-commerce market share by 2023.
  • 25% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites are built on WooCommerce.
  • As compared to Magento, WooCommerce is used by 2.4 million more sites.

WooCommerce Development Services in Bangalore

As a leading WooCommerce Development Company, we provide woocommerce development services in Bangalore that ensure quality and meet international standards. Our WooCommerce developers build ecommerce sites with better UX/UI to personify your brand, business, and message to achieve maximum online sales. Our developers take care of SEO and search engines from an online marketing perspective to achieve ranks, traffic, and authority.


We, belvenus, have highly experienced developers that can visualize your business needs and offer customized WooCommerce Website Development Services that fetch extraordinary results for your WooCommerce store.

Below are the services that we offer:

  • WooCommerce Store Development
  • Custom WooCommerce Development
  • WooCommerce Migration Services
  • WooCommerce Maintenance & Support

If you are looking for WooCommerce Website Development Services in Bangalore, then you can partner with us. Get a free consultation with our team. During the consultation, we will share a business audit and roadmap with you. Once you understand the complete process, you can hire Woocommerce Developers right away. Call us at +91 9513109500


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We usually recommend WooCommerce for any new eCommerce store owner. Since it is flexible, you can easily own a WooCommerce Store. Remarkable WooCommerce Store Development features include adjustable payment gateways, shipping, geo-location, tax, and auto backup. Our top WooCommerce developers will work from start to finish and deliver within a quick turnaround time.

Before delivering the store, our developer will take you through the site where you can check all elements such as responsive, mobile-friendly, look and feel, payment process, payment alert, shipping process, COD, speed, file size, inventory, out of stock, SSL, backup, URL, SEO, and UX/UI elements.


Want 2X or even 3X sales from your WooCommerce store? All you need is a customization to your existing WooCommerce store. For example, just by adding a “spin and win” plug-in to your store, your sale may touch 20% growth.

We integrate custom functionalities to existing WooCommerce Store to meet your business requirements. With our cutting-edge technology, you can leverage WooCommerce Store Development services and achieve your desired custom site.

Our Custom WooCommerce Development Services include:

  • Push notification
  • Exit Popup
  • Spin and Win
  • Daily offer
  • Look and feel
  • Customized header and footer
  • Email subscription
  • UGC
  • Lead capturing
  • Header and footer
  • Payment gateway
  • Multi language
  • Custom 404 page
  • Chat bot

Being the most efficient WooCommerce Development Company in Bangalore, India, we will deliver tinker-free Custom WooCommerce Development services.


As we know, WooCommerce is the most flexible platform; it can quickly adapt to other eCommerce platforms without causing any technical mess. If you are thinking of WooCommerce Migration, then you have made a meaningful decision. We are a leading WooCommerce Migration Services provider that can work on Magneto, Shopify, OpenCart, and Prestashop platforms.

Our WooCommerce Migration Services include:

  • Shopify to WooCommerce
  • Magento to WooCommerce
  • OpenCart to WooCommerce
  • Prestashop to WooCommerce

Our eCommerce migration team is highly efficient in migrating any e-commerce platform (mentioned above) to a WooCommerce platform with total consistency. We ensure your store is fully transitioned while safeguarding all your customers’ info, images, products, inventory, reviews, and other relevant elements. While migrating, we pay close attention to website layout, SEO, URL, unique code, categories, payment gateway, shipping, API, and third-party plug-in/extensions.

Being a committed WooCommerce Development Company in Bangalore, we understand how crucial is data, especially website migration. Our developer will work with utmost care and migrate your site to WooCommerce without any data loss/data discrepancy.


To build a successful online business, you need a winning team that can help you. We want you to touch new heights in your business. However, attending to customers, running your WooCommerce site, and maintaining it is challenging.

Let us maintain your WooCommerce site while you focus on your customer. Now you can grow your business with our WooCommerce Maintenance & Support team. We take full responsibilities and ownership to make your site up and seamless.

Our maintenance includes:

  • Updating products
  • Creating pages
  • Work on offer, deals, lead capturing
  • Technical audit
  • SEO report
  • Fix crawl error
  • Google analytics/Webmaster
  • Monthly report


Client requirement

Goal setting

webiste architecture


UI Design

development & testing



Client requirement

Goal setting

website structure


UI Design

development & testing


Ecommerce websites are possibly the most complicated websites to develop. They need to accomplish effectively on four fronts: customer-friendly shopping cart interface, easy to manage back end, SEO, and smart call to action (CTA), which can bring business. The task does not end here as it has many other elements like content development, promotion, and third-party tools integration. To put it briefly, you need a streamlined process that can handle all those fronts and, at the same time, build a powerful website.

Being in the industry for years, we have worked on many WooCommerce projects; however, one thing we have not changed, i.e., our process, because it works. Belvenus’s team has developed a pragmatic (practically tested) proven, transparent, and reliable method.


Regardless of how big your site may be or how easy it may be to develop, we need to understand your customer clearly. In the very first step, we try to accumulate as much information as possible. At this stage, we try to understand the customer journey, buyer persona, searching behavior, types of products, and time spent on social media.

Based on this information, we create a plan that helps us to create an outline. This plan includes:

  • Purpose: We try to understand the purpose? Is it about selling products, offering service or sharing information?
  • Product: During this process, we learn about your product, buyers, age group, and price. Later this information helps us in designing the website
  • Geo targeting: Where do you want to sell your product? Are you selling to locals or international buyers? This insight will help us in developing content.
  • Target audience: What kind of audience uses your product? Is your audience local, worldwide or a specific group? Any specific demographic like age, gender, area of interest.
  • Competitors: To outshine your rival, we need to know about your competitors. Based on this we will chalk out the plan.


A website should be primarily a means of growth, and you have to live the business by serving as a tool to meet the overall business objectives. In order to achieve this, business goals and customer goals must fall in line. Keeping this in mind, we create a plan that is measurable, achievable, and scalable.

Goals include:

  • Increase sales
  • Lead generation
  • SEO rank
  • Site authoritativeness
  • Customer base

By putting all these goals systematically, we will immensely grow your online sales.


Based on information and goal, we create a complete website navigation structure that will showcase every category of your website and how pages are connected to other pages. Creating an accessible site map will help us know what content will be on your site. Keeping your customer in the heart, we create a sitemap that is customer-friendly.

Our sitemap includes:

  • header tab
  • Category & sub category
  • Footer


This is where the website will take its shape. Both developer and graphic designer work diligently to create a wireframe. The reason is being, there are many elements, and these elements need to be placed perfectly. The juicy part of WooCommerce is, we can add these elements effortlessly.

Our wireframe works in hierarchical order, including the first fold, second and third fold. To make each fold engaged and alluring, we create custom banners, images, offers, reviews, testimonials, and more. Once the wireframe is done, we will share it with our client. This part is repetitive since it goes through several changes and revisions, and we keep working until our client is satisfied.


Here comes the look and feel of your website. Our UI designers work on primary color, secondary color, font, banner size, and marketing collateral.

While playing with color, we pay equal attention to the customer’s point of view and brand personality. To influence customer’s experience, we leverage the six most powerful elements:

  • Energy
  • Tone
  • Gender
  • Value
  • Time
  • Age


WooCommerce’s real journey starts here. With utter dedication, our developers work on every aspect of the WooCommerce store. This process includes adding product, SEO, Payment gateway, shipping, and other elements that we discussed on stage one. During development, we make sure the site should pass through our litmus test:

  • Page speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Browser compatibility
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Broken link
  • Payment process
  • Shipping track
  • Image optimization
  • Lead form
  • Thank you page
  • And some 150 check points

Finally, we run through one more time to ensure that the site is bug free.


We let our clients check the final version of the website from their end to make sure the site is perfect. Then we launch the store officially live on the Internet. To make the site work flawlessly, our maintenance team pays close attention periodically.

Why Hire Belvenus As
WooCommerce Development Agency in Bangalore

Hiring an expert Woocommerce Development Agency is a daunting task that you are going to make. Because you trust an organization that understands your business needs and at the same time recognizes the customer journey. Not only that, you are looking for an organization with whom you share ideas so that your business can run smoothly without any obstacles.

Do not fret. We, Belvenus, are the most trusted Woocommerce development Agency in Bangalore, India, that you can bank on. Below are the few reasons to hire us:

Our WooCommerce Experts are versatile, and their technical knowledge has been distinguished in the course of many WooCommerce development projects. Belvenus’s WooCommerce developers are qualified enough to visualize your WooCommerce thoughts and give the best development solutions that satisfy your business goals.

With Belvenus’s Woocommerce Development Services, you will get a website with better UI/UX and SEO-friendly that attracts your customers. Right from web development to content creation, SEO to brand promotion, drive traffic to lead, your web store can achieve a new height. We encourage you to work collectively with our best WooCommerce developers to make your business widespread.  

We never share your information with anyone. We make NDA & SLA keep your information secure and private.

Hire Woocommerce Developers from belvenus and see your business surging. Call us at +91 9513109500


To choose a WooCommerce Development Company in Bangalore, you need to check some specific points. You ask about the technical capabilities of the agency and also the UX//UI. Ask them about the third-party integration, payment gateway, migration, and support as well. Now the critical question that you need to ask is how they can help your business growing online.

We at Belvenus offer the complete package of WooCommerce Development services. If you are looking for a WooCommerce Development Company in Bangalore, then reach out to us.

Establishing a reliable WooCommerce store is not a one-time job. As it is an ongoing process, the agency needs to work on various aspects such as store setup, third-party integration, maintaining the back end, plug-in, shipping, COD, and more.

To perform this, you need to choose a WooCommerce Development Agency with practical experience and a good track record. If you are looking for a WooCommerce Development Agency in Bangalore, we are the best option.

Belvenus’s WooCommerce developers can develop a robust online store that is fully customized. Our team of WooCommerce Developers is highly experienced and capable of creating the eCommerce store of any business. You can hire our dedicated WooCommerce Developers at an affordable price with full support.

Our WooCommerce Development Services offer all WooCommerce websites, including WooCommerce Store Development, Custom WooCommerce Development, WooCommerce Migration Services, and WooCommerce Maintenance & Support. If you own a larger site and need dedicated service, do let us know. We would be glad to help you.

Yes, we provide WooCommerce redesigning for better UX/UI so that your new website will get better engagement and longer time spend.

Yes, our in-house web developers will take care of your full WooCommerce support and maintenance. Right from page update to product adding, catalog management to content update, and server issue to web crawl, we support in all fronts.

Our web developer team is capable enough to migrate any CMS platform such as Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Drupal, and Amazon marketplace.

When you give us AMC (Annual maintenance contract), we assure you that we make your site 100 percent safe and secure. We highly recommend you to have HTTPS with an SSL certificate at the time of hosting.

Though we do not provide, we will certainly recommend you the one that will fulfill your hosting requirement. Always go for a dedicated server with a solid backup facility.

For basic WooCommerce Development, it takes about 15 weeks. If it is customized with extra features, it takes a longer time as we need to plan, design, develop, and optimize.

We ensure our WooCommerce website Development Services cost will never bother your pocket. The price depends on various aspects like features, page category, functions, add-ons, and more.

Business starts with trust, and to meet that; we provide an amicable NDA and SLA that cover your trade secret, technology confidentiality, business information, and other relevant clandestine matter.

Yes, we provide ROI-driven Digital marketing services, including WooCommerce SEO, content writing, PPC, Facebook marketing, YouTube promotion, landing page development, and inbound marketing.

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