Top digital marketing trends you should not ignore in 2021 and beyond

I hope you would have heard about voice search, visual search, and artificial intelligence in 2020. Why not, these are the game changer in the world of digital marketing. Changes are inevitable so are the technologies. What I am trying to say is, this year 2021, if you do not embrace the changes, your competitors will do.

We live in a world, where technology evolves faster one trend to another and consumer behaviors are tough to predict. In short, if you want to stay abreast in this competitive world, you must adapt the latest trends in digital marketing. 

Read these top digital marketing trends that will not only reinforce your business but also make more sustainable.

Digital marketing trends you should not ignore in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Arguably Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the heart of online business industry and already flourishing in digital marketing. Soon it will take the front seat for many SMBs such as ecommerce, Voice search optimization, email marketing, predictive analysis, product recommendations and content creation.


In 2021 chatbot will continue to play a vital role in digital marketing. This chatbot leverages instant messaging technology to interact with consumer/visitors 24/7.  Source says that 80% of consumers prefer to use chatbot for common questions. Source also says that, 85% of millennial (20 to 35) say that, they trust a brand, if company responds to their queries. 

Content marketing

The sole purpose of content marketing is to write the audience-centric content, where they can learn about your product and services. Amid all digital marketing techniques and strategies, content marketing will remain the most reliable way todrive traffic to your website and build strong customer relationship.

Conversational marketing

Chatbot is not a lone method of conversational marketing, there are other methods predicted in 2021. Almost a year of social distancing; now people love to interact through conversational marketing. Added to chatbot, conversational marketing can be used in other ways including feedback form, email marketing, and FAQ.

Influencer marketing

2020 was a year of debacle, where many businesses especially SMBs lost their brand identity, many of them even disappeared. 2021 has a lot to offer in digital marketing. With influencer marketing, now SMBs can brings back their brand identity. As per source 55% of consumers have purchased product as per influencer’s recommendation.

Push notification

Push notification helps in increasing subscribers and revenue. In 2020, 90% of online shops used push notification and it is expected to do more in 2021. But this year will be more personalization and geofencing.    

Social commerce

With the blend of Ecommerce and social media, the future of social commerce looks promising. Instant messenger, video, and live streaming will make big impact on social commerce. In 2021, social commerce will take big chunk in the world of ecommerce.  


User generated content (UGC) is a powerful source for marketers who want to establish a connection with customer. Organization can advocacy their audience to share content such as testimonial by offering some offer.

Video marketing

Video marketing has the highest engagement rate in today’s digital marketing trend. Create a value-based video for your audience and get the maximum conversion. YouTube is not the only platform where you can market your video; there are many platforms and methods to market your video.

Voice search

Alexa and OK Google are already in rise, as more and more people using Smartphone with voice assistance. Voice search is crucial for SEO including Local SEO, mobile shopping, and social commerce.


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